FFL Transfers

Do we accept FFL transfers? Yes, our fee for the transfer is $25. Please email us before hand and let us know what you are trying to purchase. We would like to try and earn your business by giving you a quote on the same firearm!

  1. Contact us to find out if we can obtain the firearm that you are interested in purchasing. If we are not able to obtain your firearm of interest or we are not able to match the price, your transfer will be accepted
  2. Complete the purchase process with the other FFL dealer.
  3. Email us the following information: Your Name, Phone Number, Order/Transaction/Auction Number, and Contact Information for the dealer you purchased from.
  4. We will email, fax or mail a copy of our FFL license to the dealer you purchased from and they will ship the firearm directly to us.
  5. Please obtain a shipment tracking number and forward this to us. Once the item has shipped, we can track the package to ensure that we are available to accept the delivery.
  6. You will then have to come into our shop to fill out the required ATF background check form and pay the $25 transfer fee.